Announcement regarding Northcott's response to Coronavirus

To limit the potential for the spread of the COVID-19 Virus within the Northcott community, we will be suspending some programming and altering the service delivery of other programs. 

Effective immediately all youth services programming (to include basketball and volleyball leagues), group meetings and classroom training sessions are suspended until further notice. At this point, we will follow Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS’s) lead and cancel all educational activities beginning Monday, March 16th. Regularly scheduled programming will resume Monday, April 13th.

Northcott’s construction activities will be modified and hands-on activities will be restricted to non-occupied properties. We will continue to provide exterior services to clients on an as-needed basis. Recruitment for training programs will be limited to accepting applications, interviews will not be scheduled until further notice.

Northcott’s Emergency Services Food Pantry and Stock Box Program are a critical part of the public health continuum and will remain part of the Hunger Task Force flagship system of help and assistance during this local health emergency. While working through the challenges of this health disruption, we realize too many people depend on the Northcott’s emergency services, and  we will remain open during our regular food pantry hours (10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. daily), please check our website at or call (414) 372-3770 for any modifications to the dates and times of Emergency Food Pantry Services. 

Northcott’s staff and volunteers have been working diligently all week to complete sanitizing efforts throughout our building. We’re establishing new practices to ensure that the sanitizing efforts continue beyond the current COVID-19 Threat.

In the event Northcott must implement a complete closure and suspension of all services, we will provide updated information to the community as swiftly as possible.

Please take heed to the public safety and health precautions; published by federal and local officials.

Please act responsibly for yourselves and others.