In the city of Milwaukee, there is definitely a need for good, safe afterschool programsfor at risk youth.  On behalf of Northcott Neighborhood House, we will design programs that will appeal to local youth, improve self-esteem and teach team work.  We will bring in professionals in all areas of Theater and Entertainment as consultants to share with our participants on their successes and how it can be achieved.  We will be seeking partnership with theaters throughout Wisconsin & neighboring states for field trips to expose our participants to professional productions.

Our group of experts at DedLee Enterprises, Inc. bring decades of experience in the field of Theater Arts, Production and Music.  And working with community organizations such as Northcott Neighborhood House we can use our knowledge and experience to show the children of the Milwaukee area there‚Äôs more to life then the doom and gloom they are exposed to in the city streets and on the news broadcast daily.

Our purpose is to enrich the diverse groups of talented individuals in our city and surrounding area, to allow them to grow and prosper beginning at Northcott and expanding off of its success. To bring together individuals of different cultural backgrounds and ages who have a common goal: "Success" in the arts & entertainment industry, and teach them what is necessary to achieve it. 

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