(Clarke Square, January 13th, 2011)

Northcott's Milwaukee Builds ProgramAt first glance, the house under construction at 2221 S. 18th St. seems like any other new home rising from the ground, but it’s actually the first of its kind. The house, about half complete, is the first home to be built by participants of the Adult Build program at Milwaukee Christian Center.

The program, run by the Milwaukee Christian Center’s Neighborhood Improvement Project, 1223 S. 23rd St. in Clarke Square, is one of two in the county; the other is located at the Northcott Neighborhood House on the north side. It gives participants the opportunity to learn, hands on, the craft of building a house.

“Of the five or six participants per group, some have no experience, while others have some experience at a certain task, so we partner them up,” said Adult Build Program Manager Tim Twaddle. The second of these crews is now working on framing the interior and building porches.

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