Candles Lit For 108 Victims of Violent Crime

(, December 30, 2010)

MILWAUKEE -- Family members who have lost a loved one to violence gathered in Milwaukee for a candlelight vigil Thursday.

The annual event honored the memory of homicide victims in Milwaukee. Organizers said the event gives families the chance to rededicate themselves to ending the violence.

Taka Bradberry's brother Alvin was shot to death early this year.

"These people are losing their lives for no reason. For senseless crimes," said Bradberry.

Arlene Patterson's son was killed in 2006. She said she makes it a point to come to this vigil every year.

"It brings me more hope. That person who did this, I forgive him, but I also want them to step forward and at least bring my family, our family some closure," said Patterson.

Gloria Dupar said this is a group she never wanted to be part of but she said it is support that she is fortunate to have.

"I feel that I can encourage someone else. I have been through what they're going through," said Dupar.

The Northcott Neighborhood House, along with other neighborhood organizations, sponsored this year's vigil at Unity Baptist Church in Milwaukee.